Extra services

If you are looking for something particular, we offer wide range of extra services:

  • Interior detailing – deep all interior cleaning including carpets, leather and fabric. Your interior will look like new again.
  • Soft top waterproofing – we will help you to keep your convertible top looking like new for years to come.
  • Glass protection – improves visibility when driving in the rain.
  • Leather cleaning – deep cleaning of any interior leather of your car, brings back original colour of the leather and removes bad odor too.
  • Wheel ceramic coating – wheels removed and cleaned thoroughly, ceramic coating applied. Keeps your wheels cleaner for longer and maintenance is easy too.
  • Exterior plastic restoration – permanently restores faded plastics, damaged by UV rays and brings back original colour. 
  • Leather ceramic coating – we protect your leather with high quality ceramic from Kamikaze collection. Keeps leather clean from jeans colors for years to come!

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