Maintenance detailing

If your car’s paintwork is protected with ceramic or paint protection film, this service is right for you. We safely wash your vehicle and revitalize the coating, also we clean inside of the car to make it pristine. And we make sure if ppf is installed, we’ll take extra care when washing your pride and joy.

Time required: 2-3 hrs

This service includes:


  • Vehicle exterior snow foam pre-wash
  • Vehicle exterior hand-wash (two bucket method)
  • Wheels thoroughly washed
  • Door/boot shuts cleaned
  • Exterior dried by hand using microfiber towels
  • Contamination removed (tar and iron deposits)
  • Ceramic maintenance product applied
  • Windows and mirrors cleaned
  • Tires dried and dressed


  • Any rubbish removed
  • Door plastic, leather, vinyl, wood trim cleaned including door pockets, switches, buttons, controls etc.
  • Dashboard cleaned including vents, buttons, switches, controls, displays
  • Steering wheel cleaned including buttons and controls
  • Sun visors cleaned
  • Middle console and storage cleaned including cup holders, gear knob, buttons, vents, controls etc.
  • Glove box cleaned
  • Floor mats removed and cleaned
  • Full interior vacuuming (seats, under seats, areas between seats and middle console including boot (if empty))
  • Door steps cleaned
  • Windows and mirrors cleaned
  • Interior deodorized if required