Stage One Detail from £300 (plus cost of ceramic application)

This service is designed for used, in good exterior condition cars. We’ll remove minor swirl marks, haze and holograms and bring up the brightness and shine of the color of your car’s paintwork, then we seal the paintwork with high quality wax from SWISSVAX or nano ceramic from Kamikaze collection. Available Ceramics to choose: Sincro, Miyabi, ISM, ISM pro, Zipang, Film surface coat and of course flagship of ceramics ENREI coat. (if ceramic selected, you should expect 18-36 months protection depending on ceramic chosen)

Time required: 2-3 Days

Minimum we carry out on your vehicle:

  • Vehicle snow foam pre-washed
  • Vehicle hand washed
  • Wheels PH neutral cleaned, iron and fallout deposits removed (including inner barrels) (Wheel ceramic protection available)
  • Wheel arches cleaned
  • Tar, iron and fallout deposits removed from vehicle
  • Clay bar treatment to remove remaining contaminates from paintwork
  • Paintwork Stage one machine polished to remove any imperfections and bring up the gloss and depth of the color
  • Vehicle wiped down with a panel wipe to make sure surfaces are clean and free of oils
  • Car is inspected with sun replica pro lights before protection applied
  • WAX or Ceramic coating applied
  • Complete interior cleaned
  • Door rubbers cleaned and protected
  • Interior and exterior glass cleaned and protected with water repellent products (upgrade available)
  • Exterior plastic protection applied
  • Exhaust chrome ends polished