Paint protection film (PPF) installation

protect your car against stone chipping


Maintenance detail

we'll look after your pride and joy


Professional car detailing

get the best detailing and protection services for your car


New car detailing and protection

we will detail and protect your car from day one, call us now!


Auto detailing and paint protection

Get the best paint protection services for your car that no other can provide. RR Purity is a car detailing specialist company aiming to maintain your vehicle through our diverse services.

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Main services

Paint protection film

Paint protection film Northamptonshire

Our exclusive Paint Protection Film (PPF) services will give all you need for your car. It is specially designed to provide the ultimate protection against stone chips. XPEL is the best PPF brand in the industry and we are authorized installers in Northamptonshire. We use perfectly designed patterns, so there is no need to cut the film on the paint.

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New car detailing

Brand new Mercedes detailing

When buying a new car You expect spotless and shiny paintwork, but in real life it’s never true. Paintwork is contaminated and comes with no protection. Book with us and we’ll prepare and protect your paintwork with durable ceramic coating or paint protection film (PPF).

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Machine polishing

Professional machine polish in Northamptonshire

We machine polish paintwork to remove paint defects, haze, swirl marks and scratches, and protect your car’s paintwork with nano ceramic or XPEL paint protection film. Choice is yours!

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Why Choose Us?

From taking care of the wheels to coatings, we do it all for you! RR Purity is skilled, professional, dedicated, and experienced to cater to all types of clients with all kinds of vehicles. We are XPEL factory trained and approved paint protection film(PPF) installers in the area, so you don’t have to ship your pride and joy far and pay extra for transportation, we are right here in Wellingborogh, providing highest quality in our studio. Also, we are certified applicators of Kamikaze collection glass ceramic coatings.

Booking with us your pride and joy is in professional and safe hands!!! 

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