Car detailing and paint protection film (PPF) installation

We’re the best car detailers in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire. Our experience in the auto detailing industry is unparalleled. As a car detailing specialists, we have the expertise, training, and skills needed to give your car first-class paint protection. Our diverse services are proof of our commitment and dedication to giving your car the greatest and most superior detailing and protection.

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Main services

Paint protection film

Our state-of-the-art Paint Protection Film (PPF) defends your car from stone chippping, scratches, swirl marks. The XPEL PPF guards your car against all the potential hazards on the road you’ll come across. As Northamptonshire authorized installers, we can design perfect patterns without needing to cut the paint.

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New car detailing

Your new car looks spotless, but is it? Look closer to discover contaminated paint with no protection to preserve it. Bring your car to us, and we’ll coat it with durable and lasting protection that it needs to stay new. Choose from either Paint Protection Film (PPF) or ceramic coating. We can help you decide.

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Machine polishing

Machine polishing brings out the best in your car. If your car has taken a beating over the years with scratches, swirl marks, water etching, and other surface defects to show for it, machine polishing can come to its rescue. Protect your car’s paintwork with XPEL Paint Protection Film or nano ceramic.

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Why Choose Us?

Choose us because we care! We value your car, prioritizing it as if it would be our own. Our work speaks volumes of our experience and professionalism in delivering you a transformed car. Our vast portfolio includes a large variety of clients with different kinds of vehicles. We use premium quality, durable, and safe products and techniques. We’re XPEL factory trained and approved Paint Protection Film (PPF) installers and certified Kamikaze collection glass coating applicators in Wellingborough.

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