by Tracy Caller on Auto detailing
Mercedes New Car Detailing

Just had my 1 week old car detailed at RR Purity which seemed expensive at the time but when you purchase a new car and it comes to you nice and shinny you don't reliase the real imperfections of the car and the non protection of the paintwork.

So once I had my car returned from RR Purity it was a amazing to see the end results of a car correctly detailed and coated which demonstrates the extra cost was worth while and will help maintain the vehicle for longer.

Rinalds was very helpful in explaining in what he had achieved and keep the car in good condition by guiding us through what we should do going forward for maintenance. Really pleased with the result and my husband will be having his new car done there shortly.

Thank you Rinalds



by Steve on Auto detailing
Aston Detail

Can't really describe how amazing and professional job has been done on my Aston Martin. Thank you Rinalds.

by Jerry on Auto detailing
Once again...

I first encountered in 2016 RR Purity when the guys came to my house and cleaned a car I was selling - they did a great job and I have no doubt it helped me sell the car for the price I did.
Having need of car valeting again for the car I bought 2 years ago I tracked RR Purity down to their new location in Wellingborough. Made the appointment and once again the magic of what they do has taken a car that looked OK for a 4 year old car and turned it into a car that can be described as in showroom condition.
New car or used car - level of valeting or detailing required - this is one of the very best.
Attention to detail and a real pride in the job they do makes RR Purity a stand-out business and one I will happily continue to use and recommend to my friends too.
Compared to others I firmly believe they offer outstanding 'Value for Money'.

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