Paint Protection Film

Our exclusive Paint Protection Film (PPF) services will give all you need for your car. Also known as a clear shield, it is specially designed to provide the ultimate protection for your car. It is a thermoplastic, self-healing film applied to painted surfaces of new or used cars to shield the paint from damages including stone chips, scratches, swirl marks and other types of road marring.

At RR Purity, we use Graphtec plotter with XPEL software to cut the film to fit any painted panel of your vehicle. We install XPEL protection products only, which is the best one available. Whether you’ve got satin paintwork or glossy, we’ll help you with it. We can install Paint Protection Film on your car on the partial front end, full front end or even whole vehicle body, including lights, mirrors, and spoilers. We also offer custom made packages according to your requirements to fully satisfy your needs.

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Partial Front

By availing partial front package, RR Purity will give your car protection services to the weak and common areas likely to get damaged due to stone chipping and pitting on the front of the car. Providing coverage to areas including the front of bonnet bumper, front of wings, headlights and wing mirrors, our partial front deal is highly beneficial for you if you are looking for a basic level shielding for your vehicle. (Free vehicle preparation is included)

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Full Front

Full front package not only covers the damages of vulnerable areas but protects your car fully to the entire front end. It is an excellent option if you want unique and essential protection while keeping the film subtle with complete panel coverage. Our full front package encompasses coverage of bonnet, bumper, front wings, headlights, wing mirrors and front of the rear arches. (Free vehicle preparation is included)

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Complete Body

For full coverage, complete protection of your vehicle, avail our best complete body package for external painted and carbon lacquered areas. Any swirl marks and light surface scrapes will be covered with our self-healing top coat. This package is carefully crafted to give your car a premium makeover from front to end and serves as a single solution to all your car issues. (Free vehicle preparation is included)

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Let us know your requirements, and we will tailor the package accordingly. (Free vehicle preparation is included)

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