Paint Protection Film— The Invisible Bodyguard Every Vehicle Needs

Have you protected your car from expected and unexpected hazards in the world? Insects, stones, debris gravel and scratches have all marked your vehicle as a target. You can thwart their plan by protecting your car with our undetectable XPEL paint protective car film.

Ten Years In, our Paint Protection Film will not crack or turn yellow, but continue to provide your car with incredible protection

Our Paint Protection Film (PPF) Installation Process:

We install 0.8mm thick self-healing paint protection film on your car to form a clear, virtually invisible protective shield. Using a Graphtec plotter with XPEL software, we cut the clear film to fit every painted panel of your car. We provide your car with a seamless and immaculate finish by wrapping all possible edges.

Where Do We Install?

We offer four types of XPEL paint protection film installation services —

  • Partial Front

    For standard protection, choose our partial front service to protect areas such as the front of the bonnet, front of wings, front bumper and mirrors.

  • Full Front

    Full front coverage covers high impact areas and protects your car’s front end, such as the entire bonnet, front bumper, wings and mirrors.

  • Complete Body

    Complete body coverage protects all external painted panels.

  • Custom

    We can customise coverage based on your requirements. Call us to get started!

You need to protect the high impact zones on your car, but you can maximise your car’s protection by opting for complete body protection.

Time required:

3+ days

Price from:


With every install, preparation comes as standard completely free of charge

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What Is XPEL Paint Protection Film?

It’s the ultimate paint protector giving your vehicle advanced protection against everyday environmental hazards, including minor accidents. XPEL ppf prevents swirl marks and light scratches while maintaining your car’s glossy or satin finish. Paint protection film slows down your car’s ageing process by ensuring its paint never looks lacklustre.

Made from 0.8 mm urethane plastic, the clear film will give your car long-lasting protection and incredible shine. The durable material won’t damage your car’s paint or alter its appearance or aerodynamics.

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