Our Natural Connection and Love for Cars Makes Us the Best Detailers in Town

Our passion for taking exceptional care for vehicles runs in the family. When we launched our family-owned business and Car Detailing Studio in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire more than 8 years ago, our focus became you and your car. Whether your car is new or old, each car receives our undivided attention.

You can trust us with your exotic and luxurious vehicles because we also passionate about cars. We understand the detail and attention each car demands, and we give each car in our facility with more than they deserve.

If the Cars We Detail Could Talk, They Would Honk Twice for Complete Satisfaction

Our passion for cars only grows with time. Our commitment to you stays forever. As certified and authorised XPEL dealers, you can rely on us to return your car in an even much better condition than we received it in.

We’re a recognised Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) detailer and a Kamikaze collection ceramic-approved applicator. We know exactly the type of ceramic coating that can protect your vehicle’s paintwork, glass, alloy wheels, and interior leather, and you also get this with years of experience.

When Your Vehicle is with Us, It’s Getting Spoiled and Pampered

Think of us as a spa for your car. When your vehicle comes to us, it leaves looking shiny and protected for years to come. The credit goes to our excellent services that provide your car long-lasting protection against toxins in the environment.

Book a service with us. You can choose from new car detailing, paint protection film installation, machine polishing (detailing) and maintenance detailing. We also offer interior detailing, soft top waterproofing, glass protection, leather cleaning, wheel ceramic coating and leather ceramic coating.

We Don’t Use Any Product or Technique that We Wouldn’t Want to Use on Our Own Cars

We use high-grade products, tested, and proven to perform an outstanding job. However, it’s not just the products that do it alone, but it’s our expertise as well. We have the training and knowledge on choosing the products best for your car and then using them expertly.

Our techniques and technology set us apart from countless others because we continually choose to learn, train, and evolve with time. Want more reason to send your car to us? — Cost-effective pricing, streamlined operations, and a timely return.

Protect Your Car before It’s Too Late by Bringing It to Us Right Away

Our Paint Protection Film (PPF) services performed by our XPEL factory-trained installers can preserve and enhance the beauty of your vehicle. Our PPF service protects cars from swirls, stone chips, and scratches.

Just look at our wonderful reviews. For detailing and paintwork protection, we’re the only ones you need to call! Give us a call, and we’ll prepare a spot for your car in our facility.