New car detailing

When making a huge investment in your car, make sure to keep it protected too!

When buying a new car You expect spotless and shiny paintwork, but in real life it’s never true. We have seen heavy contaminated and hazed paintwork despite vehicle is brand new. It happens due to vehicles come from factory without any paint protection whatsoever, they are stored outdoors, then shipped all around different countries and vehicles become contaminated, mainly with iron dust. And we believe every new car has to be decontaminated, machine polished and protected accordingly. Here in our studio in Wellingborough we offer exactly what you expect – professional, reliable, and economical new car detailing and protection services. Normal car or exotic one, we have the expertise to give it an unbeatable detailing and make it immaculate. Let us show you!

Time required: 3 Days

This service includes:

  • Vehicle safe wash using two bucket method
  • Wheels thoroughly washed
  • Car is dried using soft microfiber towels
  • Tar, iron and fallout deposits removed from the vehicle
  • Clay bar treatment to remove remaining contaminants from the paintwork before machine polishing
  • Paintwork machine polished to remove any imperfections, also to bring up the gloss and depth of the color
  • Your choice of ceramic applied on all painted surfaces

Optional extras:

  • Wheel ceramic coating to make easier washing and help looking pristine
  • Soft top waterproofing
  • Exterior trim nano ceramic application against fading
  • Glass nano coating to make your driving safer in the event of rain or fog
  • Paint protection film (PPF) installation for ultimate protection against stone chips
  • Interior leather and fabric nano coating