Trust the experts in New Car Detailing to give your new car superior protection from the elements

With us, you get it all! — Experience, premium-quality techniques and products, and expert quality of work. If you haven’t taken your car to us, then you haven’t experienced high-end car detailing.

Over the years we have raised the bar for expert new car detailers and set an example for what a new car detailing service should look like, and we’re always perfecting it! Using the highest quality and well-tested new car detailing processes and products, we can provide exceptional results, not once, but every time. We never let the ball drop!

Luxury Cars, Exotic Cars, Supercars, and Sports Cars — There’s Not a Car We Haven’t Detailed

Our New Car Detailing Service Includes:

  • We use a two-bucket method to wash your car safely.
  • We wash the wheels thoroughly.
  • We use soft microfiber towels to dry your car.
  • We remove all fallout, tar, and iron deposits from your car.
  • We use the clay bar treatment to eliminate all contaminants from the paintwork before we polish it with our high-tech machine.
  • We use variety of Rupes machine polishers to remove all imperfections while bringing up the depth and gloss of the colour.
  • We use industry-grade ceramic coating or Xpel ppf and apply it to the exterior of your car to protect it from paint damage for years to come. You can choose paint protection film coverage here.

Optional Services:

  • We apply a ceramic coating on the wheels to make it easier to wash and ensure the wheels look pristine.
  • We use soft-top waterproofing to prevent discolouration from road grime, salt deposits, pollution, bird droppings, and leaf gum.
  • We use trim nano-ceramic applications to prevent the paint from fading.
  • We use glass nano-coating to ensure you drive safely through the fog and rain.
  • We apply paint protection film (PPF) installation to protect your car against stone chips, minor abrasions, and bug splatters.
  • We apply interior leather and fabric nano-coating to increase surface tension on the fabric’s outer layer and prevent liquid from soaking through it.

Time required:

3+ days

Price from:


For protection that lasts, come to the experts in car detailing, we will help!

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Why Detail A New Car?

If you think your new car will be rolled out from the factory in immaculate condition, you’ll be surprised to know that in reality, the complete opposite happens. Your custom ordered or brand new car has been sitting in the factory for a long time and has changed hands one or two times.

Although you’ll receive a washed and cleaned car, trust us, new car detailing is a must, and here’s why:

Butchered Finish

You may be the last one to touch your car, but you’re not the first. Quite a few hands have touched your car, from several dealerships to vehicle distribution centres.

Unlike us, the dealer will not give your new car the attention and respect it needs. They’ll do a quick detailing job performed by an inexperienced detailer to mask the damage. As people who live and breathe cars, we take our time to detail every inch of your car.

Protect the Clear Coat

The dealer may try to sell you an expensive sealant, which will only protect your car for one or two months. Often, you don’t receive a car with a protective layer on it. Environmental contaminants will leach on to your car, resulting in imperfections.
We use a premium quality ceramic coatings and Xpel paint protection film (PPF) to protect your car for years from UV rays, fallout and debris.