4 Compelling Reasons to Get Your Car Detailed

4 Compelling Reasons to Get Your Car Detailed

Sometimes, people underestimate the importance of vehicle maintenance, even for seemingly minor car features or parts. Having your car detailed regularly is the best way to keep it looking sharp, but car detailing by RR Purity goes beyond just preserving your vehicle’s appearance. This article lists four good reasons to choose this service.

1. Keeps You and Your Vehicle Safe

Safety benefits are not usually the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about car detailing, but that doesn’t make it any less true.

For example, glass coatings drastically improve visibility through rain or fog. Rainwater will bead off easier over coated windscreens. The glass will also remain cleaner since dirt and contaminants won’t be able to stick properly.

Headlights can also fade and become cloudy over time. This can limit the brightness of your headlights when you’re driving at night. Headlight coating and restoration can be applied to help improve night-time driving safety.

2. Prevents Potential Health Hazards

Bacteria, viruses, and allergens can build up inside your car for a lot of reasons. People, pets, and food can carry these health hazards in your car interior.

Although they’re not visible, airborne chemicals and pathogens present in your car are potent health threats, especially today. You and your passengers can contract Covid-19 in your car if you’re not careful. Studies from Harvard University published in USA Today found that Covid-19 can build up in cars if the windows are closed.

These can be prevented simply by performing regular interior detailing. Thorough cleaning with a vacuum, steam, and sterile wipes can get rid of particles and germs.

3. Contributes to Vehicle Longevity

A car’s exterior is constantly exposed to the elements when out on the road. Dirt, rocks, sand, and rain are just some of the things your car’s exterior deals with regularly.

Car detailing goes further than just cleaning. Machine polishing work removes small scratches in the paint and waxing gives your car that glossy shine.

More layers of protection can be added, such as PPF or paint protection film. PPF is a thin polyurethane film that protects the car paint from rock chips, UV light, small scratches, acid rain, and more.

You can lengthen the life of your car’s lustre by removing road contaminants and having additional protection to your car’s surfaces.

4. Increases Resell Value

A vehicle’s condition is one important factor in determining the price of a used car. Vehicle pricing experts like Autotrader consider a car’s interior and exterior condition as a key element in maintaining its value.

A car coated in grime or an interior filled with stains could push potential buyers away. Car detailing protects your investment. Not only does it contribute to the value of your car, but it also makes your car attractive to buyers. Proper detailing and cleaning show potential buyers that you take good care of the vehicle, and it’s worth the price.

Protect Your Car Today With Our Premium Car Detailing

Keep yourself and your vehicle safe, prolong its useful life, and increase its resale value with regular car detailing. At RR Purity Car Detailing, it’s our passion to provide exceptional care for your vehicle. Our team understands the detail and attention each car demands.

For excellent detailing and paintwork protection, give us a call today!

What is Paint Protection Film (PPF)?

When it comes to protecting your cars’ paintwork, there are a range of different options available to you. In recent years the demand for Paint Protection Film (PPF) has seen something of a dramatic increase due to its unique properties. But what it exactly is PPF and how does it protect your vehicles paintwork?

What is Paint Protection Film (PPF)?

PPF is an ultra-thin polymer, or polyurethane, that can be applied to the bodywork of a car to help protect it. When applied over the paintwork of a vehicle it creates a transparent surface layer that protects it. This “disposable skin” helps to protect the clear coat of a car, as well as the paint underneath. PPF shields the outer appearance of a vehicle from UV exposure, surface scratches, acid rain, hard water deposits and any number of environmental impacts.

How does Paint Protection Film work?

Essentially, PPF provides a protective barrier between the paintwork of the car and any external elements that can harm it, including loose stones that can cause chips. It is recommended to wash a vehicle in the normal way to help protect the PPF, but caution should be exercised when using polish and wax products as polish can be abrasive and wax build up, particularly at the edges of the film can cause issues.

XPEL Ultimate Plus

In 2011, XPEL created Ultimate Plus™, the first self-healing paint protection film. This is a product which revolutionised the industry. The product, just one of the range that XPEL have on offer, offers a high gloss finish that is unparalleled, and offers a greater degree of impact protection over paintwork that does not have a protective film.
Over time, most PPF films should not yellow, but in fact XPEL suggest that their PPF film will last for 10 years before drivers will notice any such issue – longer than many people keep the same car. The film can be removed if needed and it should not affect the paintwork underneath due to the quality of the cure and prep work carried out during the car detailing process carried out before application.

Expert PPF Application

Due to the intricate nature of the application process, it should be applied by a professional, preferably one who is an specialist in car detailing or vinyl installation expert. Badly applied PPF will not offer the same level of protection as it should.
Because RR Purity are XPEL factory trained and approved Paint Protection Film (PPF) installers, we can professionally install Paint Protection Film to the highest possible standard.